"The Source Messenger"

  Appearing From Future's Past To Deliver Messages For:
 "HOPE, HEALTH  & HEALING" ...And So It Is!

    I SEE YOU!

*Simple and foundational Truth(s) about a complex or otherwise difficult to understand topic or body of knowledge.  A simplified 'key' to unlocking an entire subject body of knowledge or path through life.   Thinking accurately and utilizing Wisdom first, before acting brash, makes for a more rewarding and less difficult path through life.  It describes the Wisdom of patience and contemplation before doing deeds.  It is often said that knowledge is power. 

*In actuality, Wisdom is Power.... and knowledge is 'the path' to Wisdom.  Its also symbolized as 'standing upon' a mountaintop and is the source of the ancient associations between pyramids, mountains, knowledge, and Wisdom.

*Wisdom info courtsey of: Lawerence W. Page...aka: Lion of the Tribe of Juda, Teacher of Righteousness and Melchizedek.

                                                      WORDS OF WISDOM  FROM DR. PAUL LEON MASTERS
                                                         University of Metaphysics - University of Sedona

 Illusions and Realities of Life